Here at HASHA Ibiza, we specialise in Ebike adventures. See what the island has to offer using our fleet of e-bikes. Go inland traversing the hills and mountains, then down to the secret coves and beaches of the coast, stopping for a "wild lunch" provided by the team at Coas. Conclude the day with a luxury outdoor dining experience under the stars!

Leave all the work to us, we plan your perfect day, from bike collection and drop off, to being guided through an expert-led private yoga class in the comfort of your own villa - we've got it covered. 


Pick one of our specially curated packages, from the freedom of our stand-alone Ebike adventure to our flagship Ebike + wild lunch option - the adventure starts here. Each route has been carefully curated giving you the opportunity to see the true side of Ibiza. 


 Ahead of your booking, you will receive an info pack where you can pick from our delicious menu, along with a map including all the highlights on your chosen route.  Meet us at the start location where you will get to know your Lil'Buddy ebike before heading off to explore!


After the day's activities, you will be greeted with a well-deserved drink to welcome you to our secret dining location as the sunsets. (Ebike adventure + secret dining package)Culminating with our unique dining experience under the stars. We cater to all our guests' needs, with our chef, using only the best local and fresh ingredients. Finally, we return you home to your villa, where you can get ready for the rest of your night on the magical isle. 


We are HASHA Ibiza, and we are here to guide you on your next memorable trip!

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